Velbon Sherpa 603R tripod in ELLEN GROVE, Queensland for sale

Photo & Cameras

I recently bought a new kit of gear so now it’s time to rationalise the old and the new. Here is a Velbon Sherpa 603R tripod, complete with bag (one of the ends of the carry strap has detached). The tripod itself has seen very little use. It’s very light, and sturdy enough for small to medium DSLR and lens combos. You could carry this one around for ages and barely know it was there.
From the blurb: The Sherpa 603R includes ball and socket head for low angle / Macro photography while the splittable centre column allows a minimum height of 29cms.
Some specs:
Maximum extension: 170cm
Minimum extension: 29cm – this allows you to get close-to-the-ground shots
Folded height: 63cm
Weight: 2kgs
Maximum load: 3kg
Also includes a quick release plate.
Here are some images: