Sony A700 camera, body only in ELLEN GROVE, Queensland for sale

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I recently bought a new kit of gear so now it’s time to rationalise the old and the new. Here is my faithful Sony A700, in excellent working order and reasonable cosmetic condition. Also include are:
• The remote controller
• A copy of the English manual (original was lost) plus all the other bits of paper
• A soft copy on a USB of Gary Friedman’s excellent manual on the Sony A700, with a hard copy of the most important bits
• An additional generic battery as a spare
• A SanDisk Ultra 4GB CF card
I upgraded cameras because I find myself doing more very low-light photography, which although the Sony A700 can do, it’s time for me to move up to a later generation of sensor.
If anyone is interested, a couple of reviews of the camera are here, although I suspect if you are considering this package, you know your cameras already: - an excellent overview by someone who actually used the camera rather than looked at technical specs and tests - the obligatory DPreview review
I have to say though that after using my new camera, there are things I already miss: the solid build of the A700, it’s very comfortable grip, the two command wheels, the Quick-Navi system (surely a very under-rated feature of this camera!) and the rear toggle. Why move on then? Well, because my needs have changed. But if you want an extremely capable camera that was (and still is) built to a standard well above most DSLRs, want to be able to easily take control of the camera and don’t expect to be doing a lot of astro-photography then this is a hard to pass deal.
The camera does have a small scuff on the rear bottom right of the body as a result of me taking a tumble a couple of years ago (the camera fared much better than me!) but that’s only cosmetic. Apart from that little indiscretion, the camera has been very well looked after but I won’t say it’s in as-new condition because obviously it isn’t.
This is an excellent camera which was rated very highly when released and it is still capable of brilliant results today. If you don’t need all the latest bells and whistles but want a good solid camera that does the basics really well, and feels exceptional to actually use, this is a camera you can expect to enjoy using for many years to come.